Who We Are


Politics Reborn is an issue-oriented political organization created and developed by volunteers and campaign officials who put in a great deal of time and money helping Bernie Sanders in his presidential campaign. They campaigned in various states, and hosted meetings in various areas.

As we saw other organizations developing from the Bernie Sanders movement, we became concerned that no one seemed to be targeting the nuances and complexities regarding how politics operate. We felt no organization was truly embracing what an effective social movement looks like. Politics Reborn will utilize strategies that have proven to be successful in previous movements, while adjusting and modernizing certain aspects for this era. In particular, our focus will largely be replicating the playbook the Tea Party used but on the Left.

Hence, the volunteers who have created this organization are incredibly well-versed in the history of social movements, the political infrastructure that exists throughout this country, and what often determines the winners and losers of an election. We are collaborating with incredibly renowned and experienced community organizers, political officials, and third parties that are sick of the way our democratic system is rigged.

We are going to educate the public about the truth regarding why our democratic system is broken, and enlighten as many people as possible on why Bernie Sanders was facing insurmountable odds, even before he decided to run.  We will be targeting the established Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and groups on the Far Left who seem to have lost their way.  

This is an organization whose goals include canvassing for various political causes and candidates all year round, collecting data in a way where we own the rights to the data, and not any political party, implementing effective economic boycotts and confrontational protests to put the media, powerful corporations and corrupted political officials, religious leaders and labor leaders on notice. However, the most important goal is returning power to the people by cultivating community organizers, and disrupting the tyrannical power that political committees, and clubs have had on the outcomes of elections.

 We will only endorse, fundraise and volunteer for candidates who support the progressive platform that we are creating. This platform will be based on the principles Bernie Sanders endorsed. We have hired one of the best New York State Election Attorneys as we are going to hit the establishment on all fronts, including a legal one.

 In simplest terms, this organization means business. We hope to change the way our local, state and federal government currently operates, as well as the way we, the people currently interact with one another and live our lives. Being involved in this organization requires dedication, ethics, courage, coordination, collaborative effort, unity, transparency, a willingness to study how politics on a local level work and a critical mind when choosing the most effective way to implement change on a large scale, which means knowing our history and seeing what has worked in the past and what hasn't. 

 Our first main objective will be to target the various county and party committees that exist across this nation. This particular idea Politics Reborn is proposing has been endorsed by Noam Chomsky as an excellent next step for the Bernie Sanders movement. To understand the importance of the groups we are targeting, we urge you to glance at this link. They may go by a different name but these groups exist everywhere from Chicago to Minnesota. It is time we eliminate their power.

Lastly, we would like to say that what make Politics Reborn unique in that it doesn't prevent any other organization or individual from advancing other causes or projects. In fact, depending on the project or cause, we would very much like to assist by encouraging canvassing. Imagine if organizations like Campaign Zero or MoveOn.Org had our members canvassing on their issues, and not just for county committee, where we obtain signatures for various petitions all year round too, while collecting and sharing data to other organizations with like-minded goals. We want this organization to be as inclusive as possible so the revolution can continue and succeed!