It's 10 pm- do you what you're doing to help the revolution?


We will be table minding next week at the Left Forum to promote Politics Reborn! We could use any and all graphic designers to improve our current flyers and brochures so we could hand them out to potential volunteers!

We are also happy to announce that more and more people are taking the time to do fun tasks on our project management site, Basecamp. We can't thank each of you enough in contributing when and where you can. We are always looking for feedback to improve volunteer engagement.

If you are interested in joining Basecamp, please let us know. This is an organization that wants to empower you and give you more fun creative stuff to do to further the cause than simply signing an online petition or making a donation to us.

Here's the news for this week!

All Events

  • 5-27-17: Fight for Single Payer Healthcare - Canvass in Hicksville. Details and RSVP here.
  • 5-28-17: Fight the Unfair New York City Property Tax - Canvass in Bellerose! Details and RSVP here.
  • 5-30-17: Book Discussion: The Handmaid's Table - Astoria, NY. Details and RSVP here

Activists Needed - Contact Us Regarding the Volunteer Opportunities Listed Below

  • Social Media Experts- we are going to need your help in promoting Politics Reborn: Tell Your Story Videos on Youtube! We are looking for people interested in assisting on this project
  • Programmers - We are going to need your help in building an algorithm that will greatly increase our ground game operations!
  • Data Entry -We have tons of data needing to be entered! We could use your help.

Conference Call Schedule

Get involved and schedule a one-on-one conference call with our staff today by clicking here. Our job is to find ways you can help continue this movement while still having fun and time for yourself. We are currently helping fund our Connecticut Team make their own incredibly interactive website. We can't wait to present it to everyone when it is complete!  

In Solidarity,
Politics Reborn