List of Projects

Issue Canvassing, Block Associations and Deep Canvassing

We are providing guidance to our members who are interested in forming block associations. We are recruiting people to become representatives of their community and canvass regularly in their neighborhood about pressing issues. This project is still in the early stages where we are developing a pilot run with Alice Christy, a volunteer for our organization who ran for County Committee in Queens. We have reached out to the Leadership Lab and applied for a deep canvassing training that was happening in Michigan this summer but unfortunately, we missed the deadline. We hope to attend one of their workshops in the near future. In addition, we have been sending out questionnaires to all our members who are interested in canvassing. We are hoping to improve canvassing by using technology to assure volunteers are asked to canvass on issues they care about in geographical areas near them. We also hope these questionnaires help assure that every person interested in canvassing will have a partner to canvass with.  


Unfair Property Tax Assessment in New York City.

We have been doing all we can to empower various organizers to combat the unfair way property is assessed in New York City. This includes sending out volunteers and staff to help canvass and enhance awareness of this issue. In addition, we have staged several protests against Mayor De Blasio in hopes he will rectify this issue and have met with several of the mayoral aides to discuss the issue in detail.  

County Committee Project

We are recruiting as many good people that we know to participate in their local political party by running for a seat on the county committee, or for a district leader position. Our hope is to change the closed political system and move the Democratic Party to the left by opening its doors to as many ordinary Americans as possible. We will empower ordinary Americans by also providing legal guidance to assure they are not denied access from being on the ballot. To learn more about the county committee, click on this link. Please be aware that these party committees can be found all throughout America (depending on the area you live in, the exact name, process and scope of power may be slightly different). We are also doing research on every county committee. We have acquired the bylaws and list of officers for every county in New York, as well as several towns in Connecticut. We have also obtained everyone who sits on the county committee for Queens County and Suffolk County.  


Campaign For NYS Single Payer Health Care Bill

Politics Reborn members have been canvassing regularly to encourage ordinary New Yorkers to lobby their New York State Senators to support a bill that would provide single payer health care. More information about this bill can be found here.


Collaboration with Food and Water Watch

Politics Reborn helped petition signatures to discourage Congressman Joseph Crowley from supporting the TPP (The Trans-Pacific Platform Trade Deal). We have further strengthen our alliance by being a co-sponsor with Food and Watch New York on rallying Governor Cuomo to be a leader on clean energy. 

Tell Your Story Project

In October 2016, Politics Reborn hosted its first ever Tell Your Story event where people came to Queens to tell their story on how government has failed them. We hope to make this an ongoing project throughout America. We are planning to host a second one in August, 2017.

In the meantime, you are encouraged to tell your story on your own and add it to our website! The more personal and powerful of a story you are willing to share, the better! It is time we force people to see the millions of Americans who are suffering. Both political parties have ignored the needs of the American people and the world for too long! You can add your stories here. We already have several members who have submitted their own stories.


Promoting Civic Engagement and Cultivating Leaders

We have hosted various book discussions and film nights. Films we have watched and discuss include Bulworth, Weiner, and The Brainwashing of My Dad. Books we have read and discuss include Rules for Radicals,and Assata. We are also helping one of our newest members host his very first Film Discussion in the next month.